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White Magnolia Chapel

  As guests are driving up the long driveway, they will see the White Magnolia up on the hill in front of them and then just to the left, the steeple of our beautiful chapel comes into view. 


Imagine your ceremony in a chapel that captures the best of both indoor charm and the beauty of the rolling hill countryside. The gracious open-air arches welcome the breezes flowing over 100 acres of rolling hills and beautiful sunsets. The shiplap walls between those arches capture and reflect the evening light as the chandeliers add the perfect touch of elegance and romance. The stained glass in the front entryway and in the steeple add to the charm.  Would you like to hear lovely church bells ringing through the countryside as your ceremony is about to begin? 


Imagine the anticipation as you, the bride, walk from the White Magnolia, just down the brick sidewalk and into the front doors of the charming little chapel for the ceremony of your dreams!

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