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Based out of Kentwood, LA, The White Magnolia and Magnolia Manor are both owned and operated by a mother daughter team, Janet Henderson Cagley and Callie Richardson.  Callie and Charlie were married in 2016. She searched for the perfect venue, but couldn't find just what she had envisioned, so Callie along with the help of her mom built her vision on their family owned horse and cattle farm. They became the mother, daughter duo that brought The White Magnolia, Magnolia Catering, Magnolia Guest Cottages, Magnolia Chapel, and Magnolia Manor to life. 


Every detail of the White Magnolia was designed by Callie and Janet in 2016. They created the perfect venue for her wedding, and with a business idea in mind, The White Magnolia came to life. Soon after with the help of Callie's contractor husband Charlie, they added the 10 guest cottages on site.  They purchased the Magnolia Manor in 2017, and added the outdoor entertaining space. Providing another option for small events, rehearsal dinners, weddings, and also providing the additional guest suites to the White Magnolia. Located only 6 miles apart, both venues offer clients and their guests the event of a lifetime. In 2020 Callie and Janet brought in Jessica Bowlin (sister in law/Daughter in Law) to run the catering side of the business, soon after Magnolia Catering was born. In 2022 Janet and Callie had Charlie add the open air Chapel, It was built in 60 days from start to Finish. While construction was going on they took advantage of the down time and added the beautiful 2 tier courtyard. With climbing roses, fire bowls, and lounge seating, it is the perfect place to host your cocktail hour. 

Callie is always dreaming of new additions to add to the property, so stay tuned as she talks Janet and Charlie into the new projects up her sleeve. Our family can not wait to host your family in making your Wedding a whole weekend to remember. 

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